Free Comics Day, 2013

I had the pleasure of visiting our local Geek Store for “Free Comic Book Day” on Saturday, May 4. I took all of the kids, and the two youngest (my daughter and stepson) were pretty excited. My stepdaughter, who is fourteen and NOT a geek (but had some of the teen geeks following her around like puppy dogs, LOL), got her Superman comic and used her other allowance of four free comics (our limit was five per customer) to get the rest of us some more.

Here are some pics:

My daughter was pretty excited to get to pose with Black Widow. Cap being there was pretty exciting, too.

My stepson, Jayson, has been asked to join the AVENGERS as Skateboard Boy!

Some of the free comics. I’m really getting more and more impressed with offerings from companies other than Marvel or DC. DC currently has a leg-up over Marvel, IMHO, as the latter keeps screwing up my favorite character.

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