Titanic with ZOMBIES

Did you know that the sinking of the Titanic saved us from a zombie apocalypse? That’s the view that is espoused in Titanic with ZOMBIES, an alternate history novel from Richard Brown.

I must admit that this is one of those books that I downloaded for my Kindle because it was free. But, when I finally got around to reading it, I just couldn’t stop. It is what it says it is. It is the fateful maiden voyage of the “Titanic” with the addition of a zombie outbreak. When a third-class passenger is stabbed in the back of the neck with a syringe and escapes before she can catch him, she hides the attack so as to not be kept from boarding. After she dies and then rises as a zombie, she infects two people and it snowballs from there, despite the crew’s valiant efforts to contain the breakout.

The author obviously did his homework. The crew members are well-rounded and Captain Smith, who was vilified in James Cameron’s movie (and in history) for speeding up the “Titanic” for a news stunt, only agrees to speed the ship up here so that he can get the infected to New York faster for medical attention. The crew are shown in a positive light and are brave, loyal and selfless. Despite a few disappointing swear words, this book was one of my favorites of 2013 so far.


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