About Ebooks . . . Again.

I was originally going to post a book review tonight but I’ve been so pumped about the “official” launch date coming on Monday for INVASION OF THE NINJA, that I’ve been throwing all of my effort into making everything ready.

The ebooks have been on sale for a few weeks now but I wasn’t really pushing them until the paperback was ready. I approved the proof on Wednesday night. And now I’m sweating in anticipation.

Today, I updated the ebook files to include links to my other book and my and other pages. I uploaded the updates to Amazon and Smashwords without a hitch. Unfortunately, the new “Nook Press” wouldn’t let me upload the new file. Under their new program, I would have to take my current book off sale and completely reload it as a new project. What a pain! Also, the point when I converted my account from PubIt to Nook Press seems to coincide with a drop in my sales.

On another point, I’ve been reading about Amazon’s new policy where they will stop paying royalties on Associate accounts if the account has led 80% or more of their customers to buy free Kindle books. I had a thought, though. What if these sites only used their associates account to generate links for the ones that cost money? They could still link to the free ebooks, but just not put their associates account in for them. If they did this, wouldn’t that keep Amazon from being able to track the free books from these websites? It’s just a thought.


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