A Review of EXTINCTION POINT by Paul Antony Jones


It starts with the Red Rain.  Within hours, New York city is dead and only Emily Baxter, a journalist who doesn’t know how to drive, is left.

Of all of the free offerings that I’ve run across on my Kindle, Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones is at the top of my favorites.  The novel  follows Emily’s attempts to understand what has happened to her city and to contact outside survivors.  The chapters are divided into sections that correspond with days, beginning with the day of the Red Rain and moving out from there.  We get a sense of realism as she sees the change that comes over the city (and world) around her.  The red dust that floats around and finds the bodies of those killed by the rain.  The mutations that happen to those bodies.  The creatures that were once human.

This was a real page-turner.  At times, my heart was racing in fear for what was going on around her.  Just wait until her first attempt to make it back to her apartment after the electricity fails.  I have seen reviews of the book that talk about how the author could have told this entire story in three chapters.  But we wouldn’t have gotten the sense of the passing of time and the claustrophobic loneliness that she is experiencing if he’d done that.  Eventually, she heads north to find survivors in the Arctic.  I’ve been waiting a while for the sequel, which is due out this summer.  I hope that it lives up to this first chapter.



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2 responses to “A Review of EXTINCTION POINT by Paul Antony Jones

  1. Wow, that sounds good! I love those post-apocalyptic stories. I think they’re my favorite kind of fiction.

  2. This is one of the better ones that I’ve read. Just don’t read it in the dark.