I haven’t had internet access at my home for a few months, which has hindered me from updating my blog lately. Truthfully, the fact that I spent two months so sick that I just wanted to crawl under a rock didn’t help either. I was sick through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Somewhere along the way, I developed pneumonia. But I wanted to take some time to update this blog with a year in review for 2012.

MARRIAGE– On February 24th, the beautiful Vickie Reberry became Vickie Davis. I never really knew that I could feel this kind of love again. Our backgrounds and personalities are so different. She’s more of a Type A personality and I’m more of a Type B. She was a scrapper in high school and more popular. I was a shy student who went to school, did my homework and played Dungeons and Dragons like a good little geek. But, in Christ, we are equals.

HEALTH– In April, I found out that I have Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve had to cut back on sugar and carbs, which has also served to help me to get fewer migraines. Vickie has been indispensable in my diet. She’s managed to keep me on a diet without me even knowing it. I’ve lost over sixty pounds since my diagnosis.

INVASION OF THE NINJA UPDATE-I finally got the revision of Book One completed and sent off to my editor. After making her suggested updates, I turned it over to another proofreader named Rob. Now that he’s finished, and I am no longer ill, I can update it and finally get it sent off to the printer. Conservatively, I look for a release by my birthday on March 2.

LIVING SITUATION-After my wedding, my brother and mother moved out of the house that we’d be sharing since March of 2011. Vickie and my step kids moved in. Without Greg and Mom, finances have been tight. My income now has to cover half of the bills, rather than a third. I just turn my check over to my wife and she handles the rest (gosh, I love her!) But I’m not upset with my mother or brother. My mother is just now experiencing the Empty Nest stage. I’m sad that she never got to have any time alone with my father.

“GCD JOURNAL”-I had a quarterly journal set to release around Halloween with short stories from indie authors. Due to lack of internet access at my house, I wasn’t able to get this done. I’m hoping to release the very belated Halloween edition my March.

EBOOK FOR “INVASION”-I bounced around the idea of signing up for KDP Select for Book One. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided against it. I sell more books for the Nook than I’ve ever sold for the Kindle, although it still isn’t really enough to see any difference in my overall income.

LILY’S REDEMPTION-As mentioned above, the Kindle version of my last book never really sold much. But, in November, Sony decided to drop the price of it for their ereader to zero. The next month, Amazon price-matched it. Since then, I’ve seen almost nineteen thousand downloads on Amazon and the book consistently ranks in the top ten of Christian Suspense in free fiction category. If I were actually getting paid for these sales, it would have been a VERY nice pay-out. But I’m just happy that people are reading it. It has an important message and that was the reason that I wrote it.

So there you have it. I’m doing well. I’m spending more time with my beautiful daughter and I have a gorgeous wife and two step kids who have made life more interesting. I look forward to 2013.

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