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I was, until recently, very old-fashioned with regards to books.  I have a relatively modest library of books ranging from fiction to theology and publishing (duh!).  I like the feel of a book in my hand.  I like the sound of the pages turning and the smell of the ink on the page.  But too many people were uploading their books in both hard copy format and electronic formats and I felt that I needed to keep up, so I finally formatted LILY’S REDEMPTION as a Kindle book and uploaded it.  Since I had created the cover (at least partially) in the CreateSpace cover generator, I didn’t upload the book to B&N until my good friend and Brother in Christ, Tim Johnson, volunteered to make a cover for the other ebook versions.  His cover was amazing.  So I uploaded the Nook version and waited.

Originally, I set the cover price at $2.99.  I sold very few copies.  I figured that it was because I was a relatively unknown author.  So I lowered the price to $.99.  I also uploaded the book to Smashwords and then, quite honestly, forgot about it.

Tonight, I decided to log in to check my sales.  I was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised.

On the Kindle, I have sold a total of ten copies since January 1.  All of these occurred after the price decrease.  I sold four copies in February, four in March and two in April.

Checking into CreateSpace for my hard copy sales, I discovered that I’d sold three books this year.  I sold one in January through the Expanded Distribution (so through a book outlet other than Amazon).  The other two copies, in March and June, were sold through Amazon.

But Barnes & Noble, for the Nook, was the real surprise.  I sold one copy in January, before the price decrease.  After that:

February   4 copies

March  8 copies

April  11 copies

May  15 copies

June  12 copies

That’s a total of 51 copies of my book sold on the Nook this year.  Not bad for a hobbyist who hasn’t done any real promotion.  I wonder what it is about the Nook that has made more people purchase it there than on Amazon?  I have noticed that people who have a more eclectic taste in books tend to shop at B&N more often.  B&N tends to treat self-published books with more respect than Borders did (at least in the brick and mortar stores).  A few years back, when I purchased a hard copy of AP Fuchs’ AXIOM-MAN, I had to special order it from the Barnes and Noble in Springfield, MO, since the Borders couldn’t even find it in their system to purchase.  And Borders is no more, whilst B&N is still kicking.  Hmmmmm . . ..

I am going to release the ebook of INVASION OF THE NINJA at roughly the same time as the hard copy.  Tim Johnson has already taken the picture that Jason Richardson drew of Yoshi Funakoshi and worked it into a nice cover for the ebook.  While I could never even attempt to live on what I’ve made this year on LILY’S REDEMPTION (or since its release in 2010) maybe it could be possible to afford to take my family out to dinner every once in a while.  LOL.

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