A Political Joke Becomes a Reality

I am taking part in a discussion on a Facebook friend’s page.  He posted a cartoon that said, “To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.”  One of this person’s friends immediately jumped to Obama’s defense by asking where we were headed four years ago. I responded with this direct quote:

“Gas that was about half the price of what it is now, an unconstitutional healthcare law, freedom from having to be forced to have my tax dollars pay for abortions, AAA credit rating . . .. We were doing pretty good four years ago.”

Another person said that the economy was in the toilet four years ago and that Obama stopped that.  Then he went on to point out that Obamacare keeps insurance companies from “gouging” us.  He continued that Obama had killed Bin Laden.  Then he attacked his own Catholic church for being upset about the abortion mandate.  My response:

“How is forcing us to purchase over-priced insurance going to keep us from being gouged? It seems as if he played right into their hands? Obama only “took out” bin laden by using techniques that he bashed Bush for using. Furthermore, it wasn’t Obama who got the man, it was the brave men of our armed forces–the same men he and his cronies have been undercutting at every opportunity. I’m not Catholic, but I don’t appreciate my tax dollars going to kill unborn children or being forced to do business with someone against our moral judgement or have to worry about a lawsuit. Oh, and nearly four-dollar a gallon gas kind of sucks, too”

Another person jumped in by using pizza to explain that, if one person buys the pizza, it’s going to be more expensive than if five people pitch in on it.  Another person gave that person a kudos and basically said that conservative Christians don’t have a leg to stand on against Obamacare’s attacks on religious freedoms because there are some religious people who believe in abortion.  I should have pointed out that, when five people pitch in on a pizza, they get less of it.  But my response was:

“We’re forcing the people who don’t believe that murder is right to pay for it. And your model for the insurance would work great, in theory. But nothing is forcing them to go by that model. But Obama sure wants us to buy into a broken model without fixing said model. Obama HAS used the capture of Bin Laden for his re-election. Sounds like gloating to me. And what Obama was handed was an AAA credit rating, less than 2.00/gallon gas and freedom of conscience. It’s time to stop blaming Bush and to let Obama stand on his own.”

Finally, I got a response from a woman that floored me.  “Is it his programs you don’t like or the fact that he is black. Some of your comments sure make me wonder. Everyone of the politicians promise they are going to make things better, so far I can’t tell a difference with any of them,and I’ve been around a lot longer than you.”

I’ve read the jokes about liberals using racism as a talking point against conservatives who don’t like Obama.  But where in the WORLD did she get anything from any of my above comments that I didn’t like him because of his skin color?



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2 responses to “A Political Joke Becomes a Reality

  1. Beats me! (in response to your last question)

    Doesn’t it feel at times like it’s really not worth arguing your points (re politics, religion, etc.)? It’s almost as if we are speaking two different languages.

  2. I think it’s just the nature of the beast. There will always be defenders of a person who will use issues like that…if Romney becomes president, there will those that will answer his critics “You just say that because he’s Mormon.” If we ever have a female president, there will be those saying “You only say that because she’s a woman”. I’m sure the Kennedys had defenders who would say “You only say that because they are Catholic”….and so on and so on.