A Review of “Life Reflections: A ghost story” by Ian Woodhead

I’ve really enjoyed having my Kindle Fire.  It’s given me a chance to read stories that I would never have tried out before.  Many of these are short stories that I download directly from Amazon.  I should review more of them.  Today, I read one that begged me to do so.

Life Reflections: A ghost story, by Ian Woodhead, was a quick read.  It was supposed to be a horror story . . . I think.  Unfortunately, the story was filled with so many glaring grammatical errors that it was nearly impossible to follow.  The ending was such a sudden thing, that I’m still not really sure what happened.  One minute, the primary character is running from her possessed boyfriend while lugging a bag of human bones.  When she falls and the bag flies out of the yard of the haunted house, all is suddenly well.  I just tried going back over it a second time, but it’s still just as hard to follow.  A simple edit (maybe he  could have just let some friends read over it, as the errors are easy to spot), might have helped a little.  But I definitely wouldn’t want to pay for one of his longer works if this is what I have to expect.

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