I’ll be working in Hogwarts until November 1 . . .

My work is having a contest for the best decorated team. We have some really creative people. One entire section of the room is covered in fake webs–and I do mean COVERED–and giant, plastic spiders. One team has their area decorated in giant mushrooms and little blue guys who live in them. One team got really gory and have skeletons and severed body parts laying about, with a table that has torture devices on it and the head of the Jigsaw doll that talks about playing a “game” when it is touched.

But our team is just awesome. We have candles hanging from the ceiling all around us. We have a fake fireplace that appears to be spewing letters to one “H. Potter” on Privet. We have stuffed owls perched on our workstations. We have two hoops positioned at each end of our area for a certain sport that is played on broomstick. I’m really enjoying working at Hogwarts.

I just wish that we were allowed to have cameras in there.


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