Mid-January Resolution Update

Well, this has been an exhausting January, thus far. I’ll start by saying that I haven’t weighed myself yet since my last post. I also haven’t written anything on my novel. I spent nine days in St. Charles, MO, looking for a job so that I can move up there. Couple that with a migraine and a rather nasty toothache since I’ve gotten back and I really haven’t had much time.

What I have accomplished:

1. I got to spend my daughter’s birthday with her for the first time since her mother’s and my divorce. I took her out to lunch and she chose (of all places) Bob Evans. I loved their cinnamon roll pancakes, but their cherry hot chocolate tasted like cocoa with cough syrup in it.

I took her to St. Peters’ Incredible Pizza for dinner. It is about twice the size of the one that we have in Springfield.

2. I finished my short story for my writing group. I entitled it The Break-In.

3. I finally got around to formatting Lily’s Redemption for Amazon’s Kindle. I’ve uploaded the file and should receive the approval within twenty-four hours.

I’ll get back into the swing of things by the end of the month. Everyone pray for me in my job hunt. I want to be closer to my daughter as soon as I can.

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