I’m like most people when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.  I make them.  Then I break them.  I think that the problem is accountability.  Here are my resolutions from last year:


1.  Start GCD Publishing (Completed:

2.  Publish Lily’s Redemption (Completed)

3.  Re-release Invasion of the Togakura as a better-edited Invasion of the Ninja (Incomplete)

4.  Lose a hundred pounds (Heh, yeah right)


Now, fifty percent of my resolutions were completed.  That wouldn’t be bad but I have, by necessity, more of them this year.  This means that I’ll have to step up my efforts to accomplish these goals.  Here are my goals for 2011:


  1. Finish my complete rewrite of Invasion of the Ninja.  After discussing it with my editor, Karen Griffiths, we decided that the first book needed more than an edit.  I’m completely rewriting it.  And I have two other projects that I want to write but, until I finish this book, I don’t want to start any other long projects.
  2. Finish “The Subdivision”.  Some friends and I have formed a writers’ group to challenge each other to step out of our comfort zones when it comes to our writing.  Each person takes a turn choosing the criteria for the next story.  Brandy Goodman is the current judge and chose a story about a blind person.
  3. Create a website and Facebook page for the writers’ group.  I volunteered to do this but we need to come up with a group name first.
  4. Move to St. Louis.  I’m doing this so that I can be closer to my daughter.  I’m supposed to be able to see her every other weekend but gas prices-and the fact that I’m responsible for all transportation-make this impossible.  This resolution will involve me finding a new job in an already strained job market, as well as require me to leave a job that I like and that has very good benefits.  But my daughter is worth the change.
  5. Lose at least five pounds per month.  I’ve been told that one to two pounds per week is healthy.  I’ll try to restrict my diet to 1600-1800 calories per day, with ten percent of them being a junk snack, like a candy bar.  I’m hoping that this will make me less likely to cheat on the diet.  I’m also going to try to walk a mile a few times a week.  My employer has a mapped out area of the building that is a mile for those of us who want to walk without having to brave the Missouri winter temperatures.


I am hoping that you, my dear readers, will help to keep me on track this year.  On the first and fifteenth of every month, I will blog about the current status of these goals.  I’ll put my current weight up, as well as the page count of Invasion of the Ninja.  I’ll give updates to the other goals as they come up.  Let’s begin, shall we?


Current weight: 317 lbs.

Invasion page count: 78



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