My Thoughts on the New Transformers Series

Pretty much everyone who knows me understands that I’m a lifelong Transformers fan.  All the way back when I got my first two transformers (the original Sideswipe and the original Bumblebee), I never knew that I would follow them as a fan for twenty-six years.  I’ve just caught the second episode of the new series, Transformers Prime, and wanted to give my impressions.

First of all, it is a computer animated series.  There’s nothing particularly wrong with this, although I don’t really like the appearance of the characters.  It may be a minor thing, but they don’t have noses.

Now, for the characters.  I’ll concentrate on the robots here, as I don’t really know enough about the humans to really care.

Optimus Prime has Peter Cullen back at the helm.  He will always be Prime in my eyes.  It is also good to see him as the legendary leader again, rather than the academy dropout that he was in the last series.  It just seems like they should have made him appear more like the original Prime than the one from the movie.  I’ve never really cared much for his appearance in the live-action films.  Just personal preference.

Bulkhead is back from Transformers:  Animated.  At first, I was thrilled at this, as he was my favorite from that series.  My joy was short-lived, however, when I realized that he is only the same character in appearance.  They have a new voice for him and he isn’t the loveable character that he was in the last series.  He has more of a tough attitude that just makes him . . . wrong.

Ratchet has a personality that is similar to the griping persona from Animated.  However, they inexplicably cast Jeremy Combs (yes, from the Reanimator) for his voice.  And his complaining in that voice is more irritating that loving.

The episode that I saw didn’t have Cliffjumper in it, at least not as himself anyway.  Megatron had mutated his body into some zombie-like creature with an “anti-spark”.  I don’t claim to understand what that is yet.

Bumblebee is pretty much the same character from the movie, meaning HE CAN’T TALK!!! I hate this about the movies.  And, for some stupid reason, his beeps are understood by the other Autobots and one of the children.

I was happy with Arcee.  She turns into a motorcycle and they’ve made her blue, instead of pink and white, but she’s a good character.  They casted a different actress for her voice.  It’s not like Susan Blu couldn’t have been hunted down, but the new girl does a good job.

I may be wrong, but Starscream seems to be pretty much the same as in Animated, including the voice.  You can still see the underlying longing to betray Megatron.  I like him alright.

The majority of the Decepticon army, thus far, is made up of mindless drones.  It reminded me of Beast Machines.  No loss there, really.

The best part of the cartoon is Megatron.  We have the great Frank Welker back behind the voice.  And it just fits.  He IS Megatron.  No other voice has ever compared.

I’ll catch the episodes as I can and see where the series goes.  The first five episodes are a miniseries and I don’t know when, or if, a full series will be coming.

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