It’s That Time Again . . ..

I took my daughter back to her mother today. She was with me for twenty-six days, which was the longest single period of time that I’ve had her since her mother and I separated back in 2007. It usually works the same each time. I am giddy about getting her, then the time that she is here overflows my heart with joy. Finally, I have to take her back and spend the next several days moping in a deep melancholy. Each time that I take her home and have to kiss and hug her good-bye, it tears my heart to shreds. It’s a pain that I find harder to take with each passing visit. So I’ve decided that, next year, I am moving back to St. Charles.

This is a big deal for me and it’s something that I’ve been considering for a long time. I love the Springfield, MO, area. And I really don’t like St. Charles. But Kaitlyn is there. And I want more time with her. I just simply can’t spend enough time with her if I’m living on the opposite side of the state.


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