An Update on Me

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here.  I’ve been hanging out mostly on Facebook and MySpace (more so the former than the latter).  Well, I’m publishing a new book.  I’ve set a tentative release date for July 1st.  Rather than going through my previous publishing company, I’m publishing this one independently.  I’ve created a publishing company name, GCD Publishing. The site doesn’t have much there yet, but I’ve been spending more time putting together my new personal site.

I’ve also found myself writing more. Unfortunately, it’s not fiction. It’s poetry. Here’s one that I just wrote. I know it’s somewhat cliche’, but it’s what happens when I write a poem about a certain someone.

La Belle Fleur

I once had a Rose,
Lovely and Sweet.
Her petals were the deepest Scarlet.
Her fragrance was Sensual,
Dark and Pure.

Though some men had passed,
Smelled her bouquet,
Only I had taken her from the garden.
Only I had taken her for my own.

For ten spans,
I loved her
Enjoyed her
Reveled in her Sweet aroma.

But, then, another came along.
He did not pick her,
Did not take her.
She gave herself willingly.
She corrupted herself willingly.

From deep among her Soft petals
She revealed her Hidden thorns.
She pierced my heart and fled.

He was only too willing to take the rose,
The Rose that was committed to me.
But he grew weary of her,
Her petals Tainted and Crushed.
Her fragrance Poisoned.

And he cast her away
And trampled her underfoot.

© 2010, Jeffrey Allen Davis

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