A Question About Writing in the Fantasy Genre

It’s been a long time since I posted anything about writing.  Considering that I put up my blog(s) primarily as an outlet and “advertisement” for my writing, I suppose that I should discuss literature, writing and publishing more often.  And I know that a number of the people who read my blogs on various sites are writers in their own rights.  So, I decided to try to get a discussion going.

I wrote a story, when I was in a short story class at SMSU, which took place on the fictional world of Thera.  Thera was created for my third book, which I hope to publish after a re-release of the first two.  But I digress . . ..

Thera is a fantasy world that is connected to Earth by history.  I may write some posts to elaborate on this later.  The point of the story was that two of the characters from my book series, Deck and Yoshi, were trapped on this world of Thera.  We had our round table discussion in the class on the work.  And I can only remember one particular comment from that discussion.

“It doesn’t fit the genre.”

The girl, whose name I cannot remember after twelve years, argued that, whenever an Earth character goes to a fantasy world in any story or movie, he is almost universally normal by modern standards.  What changes him is his time on this other world.  As anyone who has ever read my books knows, Deck and Yoshi are anything but normal.  Deck is a weapon smith who can use the weapons that he makes.  Yoshika “Yoshi” Funakoshi is a kunoichi (female ninja) who has mastered her swordsmanship.

Perhaps writing the stories that deal with my characters’ travel to the fantasy world was just my way of living out my own fantasy.  But was the girl in that class correct?  Are the characters of Adventure too “special” to be thrown into a fantasy story?  And who is to say that we have to follow a set formula for this type of story?  Or for any type of story, for that matter?

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