The DUH Comment

I get so irritated by it.  It happens every day.  I get three or four people who talk to me on the phone at work who think that they are SO funny when they hear my name and comment, “You must be from the South.”

I am not bigoted against the South.  But I have a limited amount of time to talk to each person and the ins and outs of my name are really irrelevant to my ability to serve a customer.  It is a waste of time.  So, I’ll explain it one more time.

Jeff Davis . . . Jefferson Davis.

Okay, get it?

I used to introduce myself as “Jeff Davis” when I worked for Sprint in Hazelwood.  In the hopes of finding a way to avoid what I have come to refer to as “the DUH comment,” I even asked my boss at the time if I could start referring to myself with customers by my middle name, Allen.  He wouldn’t let me.

So, I started calling myself “Jeffrey Davis,” which I felt sounded more professional than the shortened “Jeff,” anyway.  It helped a little.  The instances of “the DUH comment” dropped by about 75%.  But it is still there.  And it still irritates me.

Ironically, my late father-a Michigan-born Yankee-wasn’t thinking about the president of the Confederacy when he chose my name.  He named me after . . . get this . . . my maternal great-grandfather, Jeffery Isaac.

How’s that for a kick in the pants?

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