A Blast From the Past

My friend, Patrick, treated me to a movie tonight. As many of you may know, Patrick is quite the movie buff. He lives to watch them, then he lives to discuss them. He could give Ebert a run for his money, to be sure.

That was off the subject. This is about my feelings of the movie. I’ll get it over with right now . . . Ninja Assassins was a violent and bloody movie. Don’t take the kids to see it.

Okay, enough of the bad. If you watched the ninja movies of the eighties, then you are definitely old enough to see this movie. And if you enjoyed them, then you should definitely watch it. The action sequences, with real martial artists and little-if any-wire work, were breathtaking.

And Sho Kasugi was in it. Toward the end of the movie, when Raizo attacks Ozunu (Kasugi) with his kusarigama, I nearly jumped out of my seat when the 80s ninja icon swiped the hooked end of it off with one swipe of his sword. For his age, Kasugi still has the makings of a action star. Make him a little older and have him smile a little more, and he’d make an awesome Tanemura Funakoshi . . ..

Hey, an author can wish, can’t he?


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