Big Surprise

Well, the California Supreme Court, which had originally validated homosexual marriage in the “Sunshine State,” is going to hear arguments about why the constitutional amendment that banned gay marriage should be overturned. The biggest argument given by those who are challenging the law is that voters shouldn’t be allowed to decide the issue. So much for “For the People, By the People.” How about “Screw the People?” As is pretty typical when it comes to liberals, if the majority of the voters don’t support their viewpoint, they just run crying to the activist judges. I agree with Ann Coulter when she said that we are having to accept Obama as president, so the gay people in California should have to accept the majority rule there, as well. Can we take it to the Federal Supreme Court to try and get his election overturned? Of course we can’t. The majority voted for him. And the will of the people is decided by the majority. That’s the way that it’s supposed to work in the United States of America. You shouldn’t be able to run to a judge and overturn the will of the people.

Oh, and another small thing to point out. The court gave the proponents of the new amendment until December 19 to submit their arguments in support of the ban. The opponents of the amendment were given until January 5. I wonder why those who were trying to overturn the will of the people were given more than two weeks longer to formulate their responses? It’s not like the proposition of the amendment had been known for sixteen days longer by the proponents than it had by the gay rights activists.

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