I’m starting to get irritated with how poorly some people park.  Okay, one neighbor in particular.  A person who has a gray Ford, extended cab, full-size pickup and has North Carolina plates TSJ-XXXX (I replaced the numbers w/Xs for legal reasons) lives in our building and has, at least five times since I’ve lived here, parked ON THE LINE right next to my car.  As with the other four times, I actually had to climb into my car this morning through the passenger’s side, then maneuver over the console in order to get out of my space.  Some people get angry about bad drivers.  I get angry about bad parkers, especially if the person has done it more than once.


I have pneumonia and the flu.  This “odd couple” of illnesses was compounded by the fact that my daughter was also sick while she was here.  Honestly, taking care of her made me feel better.  It wasn’t until after I’d taken her home (her fever broke on Tuesday), that I’ve realized just how poorly that I feel.  To make matters worse, I forgot to leave her car seat with her mother, so I just had to wire money to her to buy a new one.


The last two weeks with my daughter were wonderful.  As happens each time that I take her back to her mother’s house, I spend the following day moping, missing her bright smile and energetic laugh, not to mention her love of giving hugs for no reason.


It’s going to be an affection-free two weeks.  And I’m not looking forward to it.

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