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As a junior in high school, I borrowed my first Dungeons & Dragons novel from my buddy, Evan.  It was Dragons of Autumn Twilight and I was blown away by just how awesome a read it was.  The book made the rounds and friend after friend loved it.  Now, after fifteen years, they’ve made an animated movie.  And it stacks up to the book fairly well.  Obviously, they had to cut out a great deal of things.  Gone is the giant slug.  Gone is the banshee.  But, the movie is still very good.  Michael Rosenblaum does a top notch job as Tanis Half-elven.  Lucy Lawless is the best choice as Goldmoon.  Keifer Sutherland is a great Raistlin Majere, at least until he casts a spell.  The way he speaks the incantations sounds more like he’s growling them, rather than chanting a complex series of mystical words.


I also had a problem with the animation.  Though drawn well, they made the decision to make all of the reptilian monsters computer animated, while drawing all other characters and backgrounds in cell animation.  Not only did the two forms not go well together, it spoiled the surprise of an attack that came from a group of “monks” who were really villainous draconians, since the monks were computer animated.




I used to love Spiderman.  I really did.  They’d mess him up, but eventually fix anything that they screwed up.  I stopped reading the comics totally when they made him announce his secret identity to the world.  I waited patiently for them to find some world-shattering way of making the entire Marvel Universe forget that Peter Parker is Spiderman.  But, not even having fixed the last mess-up, they’ve made the worst mistake ever-they’ve had Peter and Mary Jane make a deal with A DEMON for the life of Peter’s aunt.  And the cost of the deal is the wiping of their marriage from history.  Yep.  They’ve destroyed an institution from the comics that has lasted for half of Spidey’s career.  And they used a demon to do it.


I really can’t say what I want about the writers of the Spiderman comics, considering the fact that I’m a Christian.  Just suffice it to say that Marvel will never see another dime of my money.  I’ll see no more of their movies or purchase anymore of their merchandise.  And I’ll never buy another one of their comics.


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