Okay, so this “documentary” came on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL last Sunday night and everybody’s talking about it.  Atheists and pagans alike claim that it proves that Jesus wasn’t the Son of God.  Here are my two cents worth:


  1. In those times, people were buried in their home towns.  Jesus’s family lived in Nazareth, not Jerusalem.
  2. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were among some of the most common names of that time.  Maybe this is why Mary Magdalene and Jesus’s earthly mother shared the same first name.
  3. Joseph was a carpenter, for crying out loud!  He wouldn’t have been able to afford a family tomb!


This is one of those types of documentaries that does nothing more than bolster one side, while the other side picks out holes that are large enough to pilot a 747 through . . . kind of like a Michael Moore documentary.


Until next time, God Bless.

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