I had an interesting call this week from a customer who had a relatively high interest rate on his credit card. He asked if it could be lowered and I told him truthfully that it could not. Of course, he wanted to know why and I checked and discovered that he had been late seven times in the last twelve months. His response, when I told him this, was, “So?”


Do the bank and yourselves a favor if you get a credit card. Take the time to actually read your cardmember agreement. If this person had done so, he might have taken better care to make timely payments, as it only takes one late payment to raise your interest rate. But seven in a year? Or, as the manager-who the cardmember ended up asking for-pointed out to me, nineteen times over the course of five years (literally a third of the life of the account)? That makes you a credit risk that no bank would want. I was actually surprised that his account hadn’t been closed by now.



 Today is my daughter, Kaitlyn Hosanna Davis’s, birthday.  Three years ago today, she was born a month premature at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Peters, MO.  Through all of the tribulations that we have seen over the past three years, my healthy daughter, with her contagious smile and spirited personality, is always a reminder of God’s love for us.

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