I had a call at work from a woman earlier this week that just plain irritated me. She called to complain that the person that she’d gotten when she called to activate her card was in India and to let us know that she didn’t “appreciate” having to give personal information to “those people.”

Will the racism never end?

I can reasonably understand someone being upset about outsourcing jobs if they are concerned about the US job market. But assuming that, just because a person is from India (or Canada or the Philippines-two other countries where we have call centers), he or she will be more likely to steal one’s information, is just plain . . . well, racist. To set everyone’s mind at ease, everyone who works for our credit card company goes through a series of background checks. NO CRIMINALS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES WORK FOR US!!!


Just when I was starting to like “the Governator,” he did something stupid. He signed a bill that will make it illegal in California to “discriminate” against someone due to their sexual orientation. Of course, the ACLU will be all over this one. I can just see a church declining to hire a gay preschool teacher and being sued by the “Anti-Christian League United.”

Arnold, you had almost gained my respect.


My wife and I are youth leaders at our church. Last night was the last sermon of the current youth pastor, Christian Salzillo. We are going to miss him as he heads for the South to lead a church there. May God bless him and his family in their efforts to further the Kingdom.

Until next time, God Bless.

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