My father has emphysema, which pretty much puts him in the hospital a few times a year with pneumonia. Recently, he had an infection in his lungs that landed him in his regular bed in the hospital in Poplar Bluff. He was in there for three days, but was still showing the bacteria from the infection in his spit. However, his insurance company felt that he had been there long enough and instructed the doctors to release him. The result?

Within a week, he was back in the hospital, suffering from not only the infection, but also bronchitis this time. I’m not going to go into a long rant here. All I’ll say is that I hate the fact that insurance costs so much and a great deal of the companies are more worried about the bottom line than the wellbeing of the people who pay the outrageous fees.


A prisoner at a prison here in Missouri recently sued for the right to an abortion. Her legal fees were provided by the “Anti-Christian League United” . . . you know, the ACLU. She not only won the case, but also the judge ordered that, since she is in state custody, the state of Missouri has to pay for it.

Let me get this straight. She is a convicted felon who is supposed to have no rights whatsoever, but she can murder her unborn child? AND WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?!

To show the ACLU for the hypocrites that they are, here’s another interesting story. There’s a church in Kansas-Westboro Baptist-that is known for its over-the-top hatred of homosexuals and the United States. A true Christian realizes that we are to hate the sin, but love the sinner. After all, we are all sinners. But Westboro Baptist’s website, the URL of which I won’t print here, literally says that God hates homosexuals, using the slang term that begins with an F. They picket at funerals of homosexuals and our military servicemen.

Recently, Missouri enacted a law that outlaws such demonstrations at funerals. The daughter of Reverend Phelps, herself a lawyer, has filed a lawsuit against our state to allow the demonstrations. Guess who’s backing them? Yep. The ACLU is showing its true colors by doing its best to fight the good Christian churches, but backing the one who would see every homosexual burn in hell, rather than attempt to redeem them.


Last night, an anchor on NBC news read a letter from a watcher who ridiculed them for concentrating so much on the Israel/Lebanon conflict, that they were ignoring other news in the Middle East. The newscaster rebutted by stating that the world is a big place and they couldn’t possibly cover all the news.

Then they immediately went on to waste more time with a story about a stupid headache medication commercial. Let me reiterate that: THEY AIRED A STORY ABOUT A COMMERCIAL!!! And this was the most important story that they could come up with in the big place that we call Earth?


BTW, for a good take on the Israeli/Lebanese conflict, visit Jason Richardson’s blog. Just click on “Rants” and scroll down to the post entitled “War in the Middle East: All Muslims Should Fear a Truly “Proportionate Response” from Israel.”

Until next time, God Bless.

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