A few days ago, I discovered that somebody else had listed several EBay auctions for sunglasses under my name. I logged onto their web-site and left EBay a message about it. I don’t think that the person was trying it fraudulently. After all, the person who actually won one of the auctions ended up sending a payment to my Paypal account. A thief would have found a way around that happening. I refunded her money right away.

Then I discovered that EBay had suspended my account to “investigate” matters. No word on when it’ll be fixed. Unfortunately, I can’t get a message to them, since support@ebay.com doesn’t work anymore and you have to log onto the site to send them a message. Since my account’s been suspended, I can’t log on. Isn’t that nice? I had bought many items on there and had a 100% positive rating. I don’t want to lose that by starting over. Ugh.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them. My e-mail address can be seen on my web-site.

Writing Update

I’ve started on the preliminary writing for another Adventure Chronicles book. I am currently reading HOUSE by Frank E. Peretti and Ted Dekker, which I am hoping will fan my interest in the horror novel again.

Until next time, God Bless.


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  1. eBay problems of this nature usually happen when you’ve responded to a fraudulent email – one disguised as an eBay message to you. I’ve come close to being caught out myself, but you can usually tell it’s wrong if you hover over the URL, because it won’t say ebay.com.

    You should be okay if eBay re-open your account, and you change your password.

    Didn’t know Peretti had a new novel out. I liked Prophet quite a lot.

  2. If you liked Prophet, then you’ll love his other books. House is a Christian horror novel. It’s amazing.

    Working in the credit card industry, I know about phishing e-mails. The thing is, I’ve never responded to any messages from EBay, fraudulent or otherwise.–>