I once had an agnostic friend named Jeremy who told me that he would believe that the Bible was a “special” book if there was a copy of it somewhere that did something strange, like glowing or something like that. I remembered him saying this when the story that I am about to relate happened.

Sunday night, we were leaving church and my lovely wife was carrying my Bible, since I had our daughter. We were taking our friend, Patrick, back over to Ozark-which is about twelve miles down Highway 65-where he was house-sitting for some other friends. As we loaded up the car, Sarah forgot that she had set my Bible on the roof of the car. We drove from our church, about two miles to Highway 65, then the twelve miles to Ozark. We dropped Patrick off, then drove back to Springfield. After the roughly thirty mile round trip, Sarah noticed that my Bible had slid down the back window and had caught itself in the small opening that forms where the trunk meets the window. Now this may not be a huge miracle to some of you. After all, my Bible isn’t one of those expensive ones (it cost around $7, if I remember correctly). It’s really worn, as I’ve had it since around the time that I met my wife. But I have important verses-at least to me-outlined in it. I have eight years’ worth of notes in it. I have cards from missionaries for whom I pray in it. So it staying on the back of the car during a thirty mile drive was a miracle to me.


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