One of my favorite blogs to read is the blog of Independent author, David Kilpatrick. Though not a Christian author, he shares many of my political beliefs and his sense of humor is top notch. Recently, he posted an entry discussing his body hair, or lack thereof. Apparently, he has hardly any facial hair and only one strand of chest hair, which is apparently gray.

I could only be so lucky. I can have a full beard in under two weeks and I HATE to shave. I have so much chest, shoulder and back hair that I have been told that I am an argument for evolution. And, at 31 years of age, I hate the fact that the majority of my body hair is also gray. I have been intending to try Just For Men on my head and beard, but my wife has been against it in the past.

On the writing front, I am (honestly) coming up on the end of the first draft of my current Adventure Chronicles entry. The story has taken some turns that I hadn’t expected, but that always seems to happen.

Until next time, God Bless you all.


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