I have decided to do something different with my blog. Until now, I was keeping it directly on my website. However, I found that I would rarely update it.

My wife has recently gotten a job working as a teacher at our church’s preschool. She works Monday through Friday, while my schedule is a little less traditional. I work four ten hour days, those being Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Sundays will be our family day, which will include going to church and just spending quality time together as a family. Kaitlyn will be in the preschool on all weekdays except Wednesday, the day that I take her to her gym class at the Little Gym here in Springfield. Wednesday will be our Father/Daughter day when we’ll just hang out together. I must admit that I enjoy playing toys with her, since it makes my imagination soar in preparation for writing.

Thursday is the day that I will delegate for my author’s work day. While I try to write every morning, I will use Thursday to do any work that is related to my books but isn’t necessarily writing them (though I’ll still do that, too). I’ll update my website when I have content to put there. Mostly, I will try to regularly update this blog.

On the writing front, I’ve been in creation mode since before Thanksgiving. I’ve completed two book-length projects and one short story since then and I’m working on a third book-length project. As to plans to publish them, I’m going to keep those to myself at this time. My editor currently has the first of the two completed manuscripts and I’ll post more on the subject when she gets it back to me.


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